Matt is a professional angler and promoter who owns and
operates Matt Johnson Outdoors, where he provides guided
fishing trips all year round and also offers fishing tips, fishing
videos, fishing articles, seminars and web design. Matt has
been guiding since 2003 and guides the Metro Area Lakes,
Horseshoe Chain of Lakes and the Chisago Chain of Lakes.

He utilizes The Power Hood to keep his main battery charged ALL THE TIME during the fishing season!

We can customize ANY of the products to fit YOUR specific needs! If you need advice on the perfect setup for your boat, home, cabin or electronics, please contact us. 

Some examples: Solar for electric boat lifts WITHOUT having the run power all the way down to your dock. Back up solar power for water heaters. Solar Power for your cabin's needs. A custom panel to fit on the deck of your boat. 

There are many options available, we will work together to find the best product for you and your power needs.


August 05, 2015

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