ALL-IN-ONE 72 Watt Panel

This the perfect set up for a GOLF CART or SALTWATER BOAT! Simply connect the panel DIRECTLY TO YOUR BATTERIES! No cutting or splicing needed. You can expect to get 18-22 Ahs/day with good sun. 

SALTWATER FISHERMAN: Keep your BAIT ALIVE and FRESH all day long without worrying about burning out your batteries. 

GOLFERS: Run your cart longer through the day! The sun is "REFUELING" your batteries as you play through the course. And if you live in "Golf Cart" friendly community, you'll be able to DRIVE FURTHER than ever before!

            The Specs:

  • Length          33.7"
  • Width            21.5"
  • Thickness     .6"
  • Weight          2.6lbs
  • Max Current at 12v   6A


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