Keep your cart batteries charged without having to always plug it in with the best solar panel golf cart system on the market! 

Very easy to install. Can be installed on top of your golf cart with either double back adhesive (standard) or Loxx Snap fasteners (email us for info on this), the run the cord down to the controller and then to your batteries...YOU'RE ALL SET. The solar panel is COMPLETELY WATERPROOF (even SALTWATER).

Extends the life of your batteries. The 96W panel provides 24-32 Amp hours/day with good sun. 

48V system includes: 96W Solar Panel, custom 8A Controller/Booster that maintains and manages your batteries and solar panel.

Panel dimensions: 41.2"x26.9"

Panel weight: 3.5lbs

 5 YEAR WARRANTY on the panel!

 5 YEAR WARRANTY on the controller! 


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