All-In-One 23W Flexible Solar Panel

This the perfect set up for POWERING A 12V BATTERY ON A BOAT! Simply connect the panel DIRECTLY TO YOUR BATTERY! You can expect to get 6-7 Ahs/day with good sun.

These panels are FLEXIBLE and SALTWATER PROOF. Available in all BLACK or BLACK & WHITE.

The built in controller (the red square) REGULATES and MANAGES the power flowing to your battery. And when your battery is nearly full, IT TRICKLE CHARGES TO KEEP YOUR BATTERY HEALTHY, extending the life of your battery!

            The Specs:

  • Length  23.7"
  • Width  11.7"
  • Thickness  .6"
  • Weight  1.3lbs
  • Max Current (12v)  2A
  • Power  23W

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